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 What exactly is cloud computing? 

 Maintec solutions Cloud computing can be described as a way to store, manage, and process data using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet rather than local  or  personal computers.

web application development company   makes it much easier to understand what cloud computing is. The vast majority of us use cloud computing in our daily lives. But most of us are unaware of it. If you want to know  the best web design company in India, enter a search query in Google and you will get multiple search results within seconds. Where do you get these results? When you enter a search query, Google’s clustered PCs will dig up the results and  send them back. Cloud Services Provider in Durham  plays no role in determining the results. The real work will be done by some computer located in some random parts of the world

 How does cloud computing works? 

 Cloud computing architecture has front end platforms called Clients. These clients can be mobile devices, tablets, PC, servers, and so on. consultant for AWS services in  Wilmington  interacting with cloud storage through a medium which can be an application or a web browser. Digital data is stored as a pool in cloud storage. These storages span multiple servers that can be located in different locations. There are many cloud storage providers  responsible for storing data, making it accessible, and protecting the physical environment in which it resides.