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  • Advance-Enterprise Apps

The foremost goal of any enterprise app is to streamline, restructure and manage seamless business operations on the go. In comparison to enterprise apps, the micro apps are limited to work on very specific targeted operations and they also take less load to operate. mobile app development services raleigh get assisted with all the operations and systems, one has to hire an app developer. One can understand with an example such as Evernote- An enterprise app, the application helps the team to collaborate on a project through their mobile devices, on the other hand, micro app examples are such as FAcebook, any to-do list apps that work on a single task.

  • Focussing on security

As per the survey, it is predicted that 75% of all applications on mobile devices, wouldn’t pass the basic security tests. Another study suggests that nearly 70% of the applications can access external storage on any mobile device and not less than 94% of apps, access the information through logging methods. raleigh ios development will keep on exploiting the security loopholes in mobile applications, to gain access to sensitive and confidential information. However few javascript frameworks can assist you to develop a secure application.

  • Wearable devices

Today with the enhancement in technology, wearable are available in a wide range of forms in comparison to phones. This in turn makes them more suitable for all sorts of different applications. Healthcare is the primary use for wearables, tracking your movements and calorie counts as well. These wearable help the athletes and bodybuilders track their growth and performance during the workouts. Gaming is also a part of it, gaming wearables are also booming. Users enjoy games they can practically carry around with them and start playing at any time they want. There are other useful factors including online payment, notifications and also to monitor your emotions. Battery usage and screen size are major considerations when developing wearables. One also has to make sure that the UI is simple and user friendly. All these wearables use Bluetooth connectivity as it is secure and efficient.

  • IoT

Today almost every household device is connected to the internet. ios native app development consulting raleigh nc provides an opportunity for the developers to interact and control the devices, the potential for these applications is endless. One can control from fan to lights, or control their air conditioner, music systems, TV and many more things without leaving their comfort. One can also use IoT devices for metrics, one can track things that are being used, which in turn helps to implement the efficiency improvements.