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Competitive Research

Once we finalised the targeted keyword phrases, we have to start with the in detail competitive analysis for the topic site against its 5 to 10 biggest competitions. Furthermore, with this process, digital marketing software applications raleigh nc helps us to gauge the client site’s starting position against its competition. It also helps us to identify the areas that require subsequent work.

SEO Monthly Plan

  • Invest time for industry-related keyword search
  • Create beneficial keywords-blog post ideas
  • Updating the blogpost
  • Explore SEO opportunities, such as Holidays & Festivals
  • digital marketing and software development Raleigh Create a list of ideas of relatable content in a search Insights Report
  • Assign content to the team
  • Create a data spreadsheet to track progress at the end of each month

Content Building

In search engine optimization, content is king. Search engines always appreciate high volume, high-quality text and content that is related to your business, which in turn will serve in many important ways.

Once the site is loaded with high-quality content of interest, social media advertising solutions Raleigh will give reasons to the customers to come back. Search engines will have more content to store that is related to your business and products, this information will be directly placed in the ranking, they provide for the related keyword phrases. It is quite often we find in the competitive analysis and research phase, that the customer’s site is falling behind with the competition in the amount of indexed content. In one of those cases, this process has additional importance.