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Maintec have a dedicated team of business analysts, designers, developers and testers with  experience  building web applications of all sizes and sizes. Through flexible adaption and knowledge of all latest web tools, frameworks, and trends, custom software development solutions in Charlottebuild apps that cut costs, simplify business processes, and engage customers 

 Responsive Web Applications Design & Development 

 World is going mobile, why your business should get left behind? We design and develop responsive web applications and portals that can quickly resize and open keeping device size in mind. Through our RWAP suite, digital content can be consumed easily with clear readability, fluid navigation, and without presence of standard horizontal scrolling. By creating buttons for different screens, we maintain flow consistency and avoid issues like scattered content. 

 Enterprise Portal Development Services 

 custom software development services build robust, fast, scalable, and simplified UX driven Enterprise portals that bridge the communication between employees, customers, systems, and data for bestin breed operational efficiency. From UI / UX design to end-to-end portal development, 

 Want to get your ideas to  market faster without making a lot of investment? Build a cross-platform mobile app with a 40% cost advantage and run it on both iPhone and Android platforms. Halcyon pays attention to good native design and UX creation. custom website development services in Charlotte allows customers to use bug-free applications and maintain content consistency without breakouts, without feeling unwilling to browse HTML5 apps or doing native functional specification testing.